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  • Chugite

    This case screwed Fawcett because Captain Marvel is not really that close to Superman. They both share the super strength but marvel flew first, his secret identity is a kid, he turns to marvel and his costume: orange with a lightning bolt on the front. his cape is not even full length , he works at a radio station and he gets his powers from Gods and other figures. I guess since the superhero was really new they could get away with this but not nowadays. I knew about wonderman but i did not even know about masterman

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  • Chugite

    captain america?

    November 22, 2010 by Chugite

    wouldn't it be cool if someone found out that Timely had let the copyright on Captain America lapse. they cancelled his comic back in 1950 when it was still Timely comics and didn't use the character again until the 60's in a fake Stange Tales story i think and then him for real in the Avengers in 64. I'M JUST SAYING....

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  • Chugite

    I keep reading that DC Comics(National) acquired the rights to Quality Comics characters in the 1950's but I also read that they had lapsed into the public domain before the purchase so which is true?

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  • Chugite

    Is it me or has Marvel comics taken a lot of names from the golden age characters for themselves? I only noticed this when I was surfing a cover of the original X-men and saw them fighting a villain named Mekano. Today I was looking for golden age comics to read and I came across this on a site.

    Wonder Comics Story: Mekano, from Wonder Comics #1, pubished by Better/Nedor/Standard/Pines in 1944.

    the names marvel has used off the top of my head are



    Captain Marvel

    Ghost Rider


    Dr Doom

    Doc Strange

    there may be more....

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  • Chugite

    Dell Comic's LOBO

    October 23, 2010 by Chugite

    Is Dell Comic's LOBO in public domain. the comic came out in in like 1965 I think, so I am not sure.

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