Public Domain Super Heroes

(I'm posting this as a blog as for some reason, this Wiki has neither a forum or a discussions section).

Since the majority of characters and stories just seem to be sat here in the public domain - gathering virtual dust as it were - until someone comes along to get inspiration or try to use said characters in a book, tv show/special, film or game, with some characters (such as King Arthur and Robin Hood) getting pulled out of the PD for new properties fairly often while others are consequently ignored.

With the possibility in the future that the public domain will start to "shrink" as people not only begin to try and take characters out of the PD but take them out permanently, I'm curious to ask about ways in which you'd like to see one or more PD characters be revived. This can be in any format and there's no right or wrong answers; just your opinions.

I'll start us off:

Heroes of the Public Domain (Video Game): Not entirely sure on a storyline, but I can imagine the game's story as been a loving parody of the old comic stories many of the characters came from, with the various public domain (and possibly open source) heroes been brought to life using alien/futuristic technology to manifest them into reality.

The various heroes then join up to stop the threat to Earth and save humanity, with you picking your team for each 'mission' and maybe even creating your own characters later.