aka Jay Epps

  • I live in Mesquite Texas
  • I was born on March 25
  • I am Male
  • Jay042

    This character is known as The Knitter. He was created on tumblr in response [a post ]suggesting a young man who happens to knit looked quite a bit like a Batman villian. Another friend took up the challenge and created this image.

    The post went viral, and more and more fanart of the character started [up]. Much like Jenny Everywhere the character has already developed a following (mostly limited within tumblr) but is clearly an idea that is out there in the public consciousness (unlike a lot of the open source characters )

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  • Jay042

    I was doing some searching, and realized we are misssing a page listing Honest Abe's Golden Age comic apperances. Washington has one, and it would seen to me Lincoln would be just as likely to turn up in comics has him.

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