Crimsoncrusader, one of our wiki's admins, has recently proposed a policy change. Under the current policy, our wiki includes public domain comic book heroes and public domain heroes from other media that appeared in comics at some point in the history of the medium. Crimsoncrusader wants to expand the scope to include "any [public domain] superhero in any media whether its pulps, comics, literature, movies, and etc," regardless of whether they appeared in comic books or not.

We admins agreed to bring the matter to a wiki-wide vote. It will be a simple majority vote. The vote will go on until every regular contributor (which is to say, a contributor with an established user account who contributed to this wiki more than once) votes one way or another. For the purposes of this vote, "regular contributor" is someone who made more than two edits to any portion of this wiki within the past six months.

Vote YES if you want to expand the wiki's scope to non-comic book public domain characters. Vote NO if you want to keep the wiki focused on comic book characters (past and present). Suggestions are welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on my and/or Crimsoncrusader's talk pages.

Let the voting begin.

EDIT: Okay, all the anons that voted so far will have their votes counted (because I don't believe in retroactive disenfranchisement), but, from this point on, you must register an account before you vote. It makes it easier to keep track of who voted an how often.


Final Tally:

YES - 13
NO - 4