Valdan Patriots

Real Name

Valdan Patriots

First Appearance

Space Busters #2 (Fall 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Murphy Anderson


Captain Brett Crockett of the Space-Busters leads a mission take and hold the asteroid Valda. The Belzarians want to possess Valda, and the Earthians must stop them, as Captain Crockett discusses with Sergeant Bolo. Lieutenant April Wing tells Brett to take care of himself, giving him a passionate kiss.

Landing on Valda, the troops begin operations lead by Sergeant Bolo. Some of the Space-Busters observe Green Men of Belzar. One of the soldiers get into an altercation with the Green Men and rush off to inform Bolo. When Captain Crockett is informed, he sends Sergeant Bolo to retrieve reinforcements. Bolo is dismayed to miss potential combat, but he obeys orders.

As he flies off, Brett and April are captured in a net. As they struggle to disentangle their bonds, they are hit with "a whiff of sleeping gas", as a voice orders to be utilized.

Menso, Leader of the Valdan Patriots, explains the group's mission is to get rid of the Earthian and the Belzar forces to live unfettered. Menso pronounces judgment on Brett and April, ordering the pair be hurled into the death pit of the volcano, proclaiming, "Long live free Valda!"

Walking to the death pit, the group is attacked by Belzarian Raider spaceships. One of the fighters shoots and hits Menso's daughter, Rada. April says she will treat Rada. Asking for a donor, she finds a match with Brett, who gives his blood to save the woman.

A few weeks later, Rada is recovering when Brett visits her. Rada kisses Brett, much to the chagrin of April who sees it unbeknownst to Rada and Brett. Distraught, April leaves before seeing Brett reject Rada's romantic affections.

For saving Rada's life, Menso offers for the Valdan Patriots to join forces with Brett and the Space-Busters. A Space-Buster arrives at that moment to inform Captain Crockett of Lietenant Wing's capture by the Green Men. Brett orders the man to inform Lieutenant Castro and get the men into full battle gear to go at once to rescue April.

Lazar of the Green Men tortures April for information when Captain Crockett shows up with the Space-Busters and the Valdan Patriots. The fierce battle engages, leaning toward the Belzaric forces. Sergeant Bolo arrives with reninforcements "at a critical moment", and the battle is won against the Belzarians.

Brett questions April on how she was captured. She tells him she left to think after seeing the kiss between Rada and Brett. Brett tells her that if she waited a bit longer, she would have seen that "Rada means doesn't mean anything to me...but you do..."

The pair are soon locked in a passionate kiss.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Busters #2

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