Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Lisellotte von Schellendorf

First Appearance

Air Fighters Comics vol. 2 #2 (November 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Fred Kida & Bill Quackenbush


Lisellotte von Schellendorf was raised by the Germans to be Valkyrie, the most alluring and evil woman of all, and to be the most skilled and deadly of all pilots. Valkyrie and her girl squadron, the Airmaidens, were trained to be perfect Nazis by Herr Oberst, a Nazi colonel. After training, Valkyrie blasted her way through the Allied pilots until she ran into Airboy. When she captured Airboy, three members of her squadron hid him in an old hangar but were found out by Oberst. He ordered them to be whipped and Airboy killed. Although she was all right with seeing the young boy sent to his death, the prospect of seeing her subordinates whipped appalled Valkyrie. She tried to persuade Oberst to show mercy, but the Nazi commander didn't budge. Suddenly realizing that all Nazis were cruel and evil, Valkyrie killed Oberst and then used Airboy's own plane, Birdie, to rescue him and her three comrades.

From that point on, she joined the Allies and fought on their side for the remainder of the war. She continued to aid Airboy every once in a while. Their feelings for each other grew and, as Airboy got older, their relationship got a lot more physical. If they'd had more than seven adventures together, their romance could have been positively epic.

In her last two appearances, Valkyrie inexplicably became a communist agent, and both she and Airboy seemed to have forgotten their history together. Most fans prefer to pretend those appearances didn't happen or that it was some other Valkyrie.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Air Fighters Comics  vol. 2 #2, 7
  • Airboy Comics vol. 2  #12
    • vol. 3  #6, 12
      • vol. 4 #10
        • vol. 9 #2