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Cat-Man Comics #24 (1944)

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Valkyrie was a female pilot in the German Luftwaffe who flew an advanced model of the Messerschmidt plane. She had taken to the skies to inspire German woman to become pilots and to turn the tide of the war in Germany's favor. On her first mission, she shot down three Allied pilots though the Allies had no idea that she was a woman.

Eventually, she was confronted at a secret air base by the American costumed hero, Blackout (or Firebird in Talespin Comics #1). Valkyrie pulled her gun on the hero however, he was quicker on the draw and shot her down in self-defense.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Cat-Man Comics #24
  • Talespin Comics #1


  • The story in Talespin Comics #1 was re-printed and re-colored from Cat-Man Comics #24.
  • Valkyrie should not be confused with the Airboy villainess of the same name.

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