Vampire's Daughter
Vampires daughter

Real Name


First Appearance

Strange Stories from Another World #5 (1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Sheldon Moldoff ?


Althea was a young woman approximately in her twenties living alone in her father's estate which she inherited after he passed away two years prior. She was approached by Mr. Heff and his associate Paul about using her estate as the set for their new film Vampire Castle. Mr. Heff impressed by the mysterious girl offers her the lead role as the vampire in the picture and as a publicity stunt decided to have publicity expert Jed Mathews market her as a real vampire: Althea the vampire queen of Hollywood.

While Althea was hesitant to this idea, she decided to play along. But her strange requests were making people believe that the rumors about her were true. She asked for the movie to only be filmed at night, no silverware be set at the table, and no mirrors be present on set. Regardless of these requests, the movie was a hit and Mr. Heff offered her a substantial raise for her next picture however, Althea decided to retire from being the Vampire Queen because she wanted people to love her, not fear her.

Later, while on a date with Jed Mathews, who was secretly being paid to date her by the studio, she confessed her love for him and asked him to marry her because he was the only man not scared by the vampire legend. Jed tried to politely turn her down, but as he was explaining to Althea his reasoning for avoiding marriage she became speechless. Althea noticed in her pocketbook mirror that Jed had no reflection meaning he was the vampire. In order to prevent his secret from getting out, he regrettably killed Althea.

A large Hollywood funeral was held in Althea's honor with all but one man not in attendance, Jed Mathews after all funerals were held in the day and he could only come out at night.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Strange Stories from Another World #5
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