Real Name


First Appearance

Popular Comics #46 (Dec. 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

G. Ellerbock & William Kent


Vana was an Antaclean woman and wife of Martan. When her husband took her to see the birth of a planet millions of light-years away, their journey took them through the Solar System. Vana suggested they take a detour to Earth, a planet which no Antaclean had ever set foot on. They explored the planet, occasionally interfering with local conflicts, until the Martians, the ancient enemies of the Antaclean people, attacked Earth. Vana and Martan came out of hiding and helped the American forces repel the invasion. She and Martan personally brought down the leaders of the Martian civilization, the Supreme Three of the Universe. After the last of the Martian forces were defeated, Martan and Vana helped their American allies bring down an Eurasian spy ring and stop the invasion of the virus-like White Spheres of Saturn.

While her husband found the "primitive" Earth culture intriguing, Vana was at first appalled by war, disease and other aspects of humanity that Antaclean civilization had long since eradicated. After a few adventures she began to overcome her reservations - and while she still regarded Earthlings with a certain mix of pity and condescension, she began to see their potential, if given time and the proper guidance.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Antacleans, Vana had higher-than-human strength and flight thanks to the combination of technological enhancements and mental conditioning. The technology in her clothes allowed her to send and receive information telepathically and generate personal force-fields.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Popular Comics #46-71

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