From left to right: Ventrilo, Vera, Dr. Fate

Real Name


First Appearance

Crime Reporter #1 (1948)

Original Publisher

St. John

Created by

Paul Gattuso

Golden Age Origin

Ventrilo was both a professional ventriloquist and an amateur detective. He fought crime by throwing his voice. His assistants included his sister, Vera, and his chemist older brother, Dr. Fate. He dealt with enemies such as the Snake Cult and giant bats.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Crime Reporter #1-3
  • Northwest Mounties #2
  • Western Bandit Trails #1


  • In 1948, St. John re-printed and re-named Echo stories as Ventrilo and, in 1952, they did the same, re-naming him both as Peter Storm and Phil Brennan.

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