Venusian Winged Horse

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Western #40 (1952)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson


Discovered when Spurs Jackson and Hank Roper are kidnapped and sent to Venus by mad men who built the rocket ship. The trip is to test the rocket. If the experiment is successful, the rocket's builders will, according to Spurs, "make Venus their home and loot the Earth."

Once they arrive on Venus, Spurs and Hank awaken, donning the space suits they discover on board. They leave the ship to explore the planet and attempt to find some intelligent beings to help them fly the rocket so they can home, as they do not know how to operate the spacecraft.

They see what appear to be horses with wings. Spurs tells Hank to retrieve a rope from the ship so he can lasso some of them.

Spurs manages to capture two of the horses. Upon closer inspection, Hank discovers "they's iron horses! And lookit them thar gadgets n' levers on their necks..." The horses appear to be mechanical in nature, although who or what built them and what they are called is not explained in this story.

Spurs figures that, since they don't know how to fly the rocket, they can certainly ride the horses. The horses are extremely fast, returning Hank and Spurs back to Earth in "no time flat!" as Hank puts it.


Venusian Flying Horses

A professor agrees to return to Venus with Spurs, riding the winged horses back to Venus to retrieve the rocket. The professor and Spurs leave the horses on Venus, returning in the spaceship to Earth.

Powers and Abilities

The mechanical horses can fly with great speed, covering the distance from Venus to Earth in a very short time.Not more than a few hours. Very little of their abilities otherwise is explained.

Public Domain Appearances

Space Western #40

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