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Real Name


First Appearance

Free Universe Forums- November 2014

Created By

Brandon Longstreth


A German assassin who has been operating since World War II. His true name is lost to time and he is only known by his weapons of choice. He has moved beyond the need for solid foods and has since sealed his own mouth closed to prevent captors from extracting any secrets even under heavy torture. His cybernetic vice claw is wired directly into his reinforced spine, allowing him to possibly lift multiple tons with his right hand. He has perfected himself as a weapon of mayhem, using an ancient war hammer to be nearly unstoppable once his targets are located.


Vicenhammer has had vast genetic manipulation and pushed himself to the edge of humanity. He has superhuman physical strength and agility. His right hand is a cybernetic vice claw that can lift multiple tons and has a crushing force of 15 thousand lbs per square inch.


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