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Vivian Lachan
George Bainesford and Vivian Lachan with the staff of Merlin

Real Name

Vivian Lachan

First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #26 (1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Unknown (probably written by Richard Hughes)


Vivien Lachan was the lineal descendant of the sorceress Vivien, the Lady of the Lake. She was named after her as were the other women in her line for countless generations, and inherited her magical power. American writer George Bainesford came to England to seek out Castle Lachan, the home of Vivien, where he fell in love with her descendant. They came across a mysterious tree with a spell written on it and accidentally freed Merlin from his imprisonment. Merlin threatened to kill Vivien in revenge for what her ancestor did to him. He imprisoned her in the dungeon of Castle Lachan and summoned up a dragon from "the unknown". George tricked him into sending his army of dragons against the "Red Wizard" in Russia. The dragons got into a battle with the British army. While Merlin was distracted George knocked him out. Vivien then magically transforms Merlin into a tree using the same spell that her ancestress, the enchantress Viven, had used earlier on him. The British government left Merlin's staff with Vivian to use on their behalf, and encouraged her to marry George to carry on their line, in case they ever needed a sorceress to work the staff in the future.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #26