Von Lougg

Real Name

Von Lougg

First Appearance

Star and Stripes #2 (May, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lew Glanzman


Von Lougg was a bizarre anti-American agent who could separate his head and other limbs at the joint, and then put them back together. He claimed there was no way to kill him, and indeed he could survive point blank gunfire and survive for long periods without breathing. The hero known as The Shark figured out that there were membranes that closed over the separation points on his body, to hold in the blood, but he could not solve the mystery of his invulnerability.

Von Lougg operated from a castle built beneath the ocean. He commanded a small army who piloted flying submarine bombers that could bomb a city, and then dive under the ocean and dock in the castle. Von Lougg himself carried a gun, but usually left the dirty work to his men.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Amazing Man Comics #22
  • Star and Stripes #2

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