Real Name


First Appearance

Space War #1 (Oct. 1959)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill and Bill Molno


Vulcan, with his lackey Renzi, leads a band of space pirates intent on raiding shipments of supplies to the colonies on the Moon. Vulcan intends his motley crew will use the cargo to provide for their private secret satellite base. He plans to turn the cargo fleet into dust and leave no trace of the robbery. The space pirates are using an artificially-created "cosmic cloud" as camouflage until they strike.

Commanding the cargo fleet's flagship, Captain Roland notes to Lieutenant Darius that, according to the operations officer, the area was supposed to be clear of cosmic activity.

After making the delivery to the Moon, Captain Roland reports the cosmic cloud to his superiors. He expresses his suspicions the cloud is artificial and created by space pirates.

Meanwhile, Vulcan plans to attack the Moon shipment. Weeks later, the convoy leaves. Vulcan implements his plans. He orders the cosmic cloud be created and prepares to strike.

Captain Roland anticipates the cloud, dispersing it with "devaporizing blasters". The cargo fleet then takes the initiative to attack the space pirates first with an "atomic cannon". The space pirate ship is rendered inoperable.

The flagship takes the disabled pirate ship into to tow and completes its delivery. The pirates are brought to trial and convicted, given the sentence of exile. This means time in a penal establishment on the dark side of the moon.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space War #1
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