War Nurse

Real Name

Pat Parker

First Appearance

Speed Comics #13 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harvey Publications

Created by

Jill Elgin


Pat Parker was a young British nurse from Doville, a quiet village near London. When her town came under Nazi bombardment, she was able to use her skills to help the wounded children. Shortly afterwords, she overhears Nazi agents plotting an attack againist the British navy. Angered by what happened to her village and eager to prevent any further devastation, she decided to take matters into her own hands. After helping the Royal Air Force beat back the Nazi assault, she joined her country's military as a nurse.

Later, she adopted the identity of War Nurse to fight Nazis more directly. She went on to form the Girl Commandos and dropped her costumed identity shortly afterward. She had no powers. Her love interest was British pilot Don Fraser.

In Speed Comics #23, Pat Parker and the Girl Commandos teamed up with Shock Gibson, Black Cat, Captain Freedom, and Ted Parrish to repel the Japanese attempt to invade Los Angeles.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Speed Comics # 13-37, 39-42
  • All New Comics #11

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