Real Name

Pedro Prado

First Appearance


Created by

Cadú Simões & Ricardo Marcelino


WebBlack was born on the planet Prikton but, was sent as a baby to planet Earth in a spaceship built by his parents, hoping that he could gain superpowers like a boy from a neighboring planet that exploded and that was sent to earth too, just before the disaster happened.

Getting to Earth, WebBlack was adopted by a couple of millionaires, Bento and Maria Prados, owners of a large business group, and was baptized by them with the name Pedro Prado.

WebBlack grew up as a normal teenager like any other, which for him was nothing "normal" since, like any self-respecting alien, he should already have developed some kind of power. But nothing, no super speed, no invulnerability, no x-ray vision, nothing.

Behold the 18 year old , he was bitten by a radioactive spider but, instead of gaining the proportionate powers of one, he spent several months in a coma in the hospital. When out of the coma, the doctor told him he was lucky not to have caught some kind of cancer because of the radiation and died.

Dissatisfied with this situation, WebBlack decided that even without superpowers, he would pursue his dream of being a superhero. He then took advantage of the great fortunes of his family to create a uniform equipped with various gadgets and spent fighting crime. But anyway, BlackWeb still did not admit that he possessed no power, and was always testing to see if one of them worked. Therefore, it was common to see him in front of shooting bullets or jumping over huge buildings, clearly, always ending up leading to the nearest hospital.

His sidekick is Robitto.


The license used to release the Homem-Grilo comic book series into the public domain states that all aspects of his comic series (including the supporting cast) can be used by others to create derivative works for commercial gain but, you must give creator credit.

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