Wejus of Tallus III Forces
Cogan with Meade in Background

Real Name


First Appearance

Space War #2 (Dec. 1959)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill, Bill Montes


At war with the Blue Men of Talus III, Earthlings are described by Dr. Meade to the blue men as "pitiless creatures". Commander John Cogan of the Earth Forces listens as Dr. Meade, whom the Earth people think is an Earthling, describe the people of Tallus as "the worst creatures in the universe".

In the midst of battle, the flagship of Earth forces is badly damaged. Dr. Meade fades out as Commander Cogan looks on. Meade gives a celebratory statement of doom as he fades. Cogan soon realizes Dr. Meade was a spy working for Talus III. Cogan commands the ships to retreat until he knows more about Dr. Meade's treachery.

He calls the Talus Forces to arrange to speak with them. Dr. Meade is with Wejus, leader of the Talus fleet. Meade tells Wejus to not listen, but Wejus instead arranges for Cogan to come to the Talus ship. Dr. Meade uses a ray to kill a Talus warrior and escape by fading out. As he disappears, he states the weapons of Talus and Earth will not defeat him.

Meeting with Wejus, Commander John Cogan is astounded to find the people of Talus to be "decent men", unlike what Dr. Meade had said of them. Wejus and Cogan go to discover the true nature of Meade. Wejus invites the Earth ships to Talus III and replenish their draining energy cells. The pair take some large birds as transportation to meet the First Adviser.

The First Adviser of Talus listens to the story, discerning that Earth will unite with Talus III to destroy the evil being known as Dr. Meade.

As they go to a dark galaxy on Meade's trail, Cogan addresses Wejus. The Earth and Talus ships are attacked by Liquid Space Blobs. The Commander of Earth Forces orders the preparation of the new "Cold Rays". Meade tells Cogan that Wejus has ceased to exist. The devious doctor is confounded to hear of the cold ray weapons. Cogan describes the weapons as designed for reducing everything to absolute zero.

The Earth forces turn the cold rays on the blobs, freezing them to brittleness and easily destroying them. On the Talus ship, Wejus tells Cogan that Dr. Meade was on the ship, but had fled. Commander John Cogan catches up to Dr. Meade and freezes him with the cold ray.

Wejus and Cogan are assured peace between their planets, never again to let the words of a single person to incite hatred against each other.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space War #2

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