Real Name


First Appearance

Haunted Thrills #17 (Sept. 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Belknap Long, Jerry Iger


Wendy accompanies Doctor Christopher Fenn when he investigates the Dorset Monster, a murdering creature. Believing the monster was invoked by Druids to fight the Romans, Fenn uses a book called "The Devil's Catalog" to summon the three Ghost Roman Soldiers. Antonius and Claudius are two of the soldiers, the third going unnamed. Antonius strikes the monster with his lance after it attacks Claudius. Between the Romans, being supernatural figures like the Dorset Monster, they soon finish the beast.

Once they slay the dragon, the soldiers turn on Fenn and Wendy. Fenn uses a sanctuary rule to say they are protected by being in a Roman camp until trial is held. The Romans hold a quick trial and convict the pair to death. Fenn has since found an incantation to send the ghosts back, averting the danger in the nick of time.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Haunted Thrills #17
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