Real Name

Adolph Krimetz

First Appearance

Four Favorites #1 (September, 1941)

Original Publisher

Ace Comics

Created by

Mark Schneider?

Golden Age Origin

Born around the year 1900, Adolph Krimetz was largely rejected by society for most of his life, due to his large canine teeth, pointy ears and wolf-like traits. While attending Sumter Military Academy in 1921, he was dubbed "Wolf" Krimetz. Angry, he attacked one of his tormenters and accidentally killed him. Fearing the law, Krimetz fled into the woods, and took residence in the mountains as a hermit. There, his hatred and resentment toward society consumed him, and he found ample time to plan his revenge. On the fourth of July, 1941, Krimetz set off a bomb during a parade in New York, wiping out an entire city block. He also took a more personal form of vengeance on his former classmates at Sumter, at least one of whom was a general. He was eventually stopped by Lash Lightning.

Krimetz managed to escape both death and prison several times, and wracked up an impressive bodyy count each time he returned. Eventually, he decided he needed a doctor to cure him of his wolfish deformities, but he went on a rampage killing doctors, as nobody seemed to be able to help him. He seemingly met his end after falling into an industrial furnace.

Powers and Abilities

Krimetz was a werewolf who could instantly transform his upper body into a wolf-like form at will. As Were-Wolf, Krimetz possessed superhuman strength, sufficient to rip the bars of his cell apart, and to leap great distances (over a train for example). Leaping seemed to be his main mode of transportation. He could easily kill a man with his claws. He was invulnerable to guns, explosions and poison gas. His only weakness was that a massive amount of electricity could stun him and cause him to transform back to his mostly human form. Lash Lightning usually exploited this weakness to finish him.

Golden Age Appearances

Four Favorites #1-2, 4-5

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