the 2 forms

Real Name

Julian Harrison

First Appearance

Public Domain Superheroes (2016)

Original Publisher

Public Domain Superheroes Wikia

Created by

Marz Workman


Julian was hiking in the Canadian forest. He was surprised by a bear, who promptly attacked him. In his attempt to escape, Julian fell over a cliff. After lying mangled, suffering, on the rocks below for several hours, a large wolverine approached. It tenderly bit him on the arm, holding the bite for many seconds. Once the wolverine released the oral grip, it falls to the ground, gasping for air. Suddenly, it changes form to that of a young woman. She smiles at him as she dies. A day later, Julian awakens completely healed. He notices a medallion in his hand, it has strange writing on it. Then, out of nowhere, a spectral form of the woman appears to him, "You have been chosen by the spirits of the Earth. My gift has been passed to you. It is your choice if it be blessing, or curse." The medallion melts without harming his hand, and dissolves into the ground.

As Julian is leaving the forest, he, again, is confronted by the bear. The bear attacks a second time. Julian's heart begins to race, an he transforms into a creature that is half man, half wolverine. He leaps at the bear, arms wide, with his large claws at the ready. In a single motion, both arms come together and back around his body as he lands on his feet. Behind him, the bear falls dead. He looks at his hands. As he calms, he reverts back to his human self. Still looking at himself, then the bear, he smiles and leaves the woods.

Julian would later join the ranks of heroes across the globe.


Created for the modern era, but could easily be adapted to the Golden or Silver ages.

Powers and Abilities

In his human form, Julian has enhanced strength and reflexes. In his were-form, Julian gains about 4 inches of height and is covered in fur, a head shaped more like that of a wolverine, he has 6-inch, sharp claws protruding from each finger, he also has enhanced senses.


Public Domain Superheroes (2016)


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