Public Domain Super Heroes
Werewolf Hunter

Real Name

Professor Armand Broussard

First Appearance

Ranger Comics #8 (December 1942)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Gustaf Schrotter?


Armand Broussard is a leading expert on the occult who travels to help those who complain of paranormal trouble. Curiously, he rarely fought werewolves (though he did in his first appearance), as he confronted supernatural threats of every type. Armand never carried any weapons of any kind and frequently ended up in serious trouble. He was brave, knowledgeable and decent with his fists, but he was also an older gentleman, who knew his limitations and tried to avoid physical confrontations. He was briefly assisted by Danny O'Shea. Presumably, Danny got eaten. He had a daughter named Lily and a niece named Phyllis. His enemies included Ibid, Lustra and Zenobia.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Rangers Comics #8-41


  • In some of the earliest stories, the professor's given name was Paul while Armand Broussard was the (pseudonymous) name of the strip's author, as seen most clearly here. However just a few month's later, this changed with Armand becoming the professor's name. No explanation was given.