Wheel Clamp Man
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As reported by Andrew Handley:

"The path of a hero is never black and white. It’s an uncertain world filled with lesser evils and shades of gray, because sometimes the duty of a man requires him to go outside the law to prevent a crime. Or commit one. This is the path of Wheel Clamp Man, one of the darker shades of gray in the colorblind spectrum. In fact, his main “heroic” activity is a full-fledged crime—he patrols Perth with an angle grinder and cuts wheel clamps off cars that have been illegally parked.

Dressed in a skintight green leotard, rainbow socks, and a glue-on mustache, Wheel Clamp Man has only been working in the area for a relatively short time, but motorists are grateful for his help in helping them avoid a $135 fine."


  • The identity and look of "Wheel Clamp Man" would technically be owned by whoever it is behind the mask however, with his identity being secret, nobody knows who that is so...
  • It should be noted that police response to real life superheroes is typically negative, who view them as vigilantes.

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