Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Charles Villon

First Appearance

Black Fury Newspaper Strip (unknown date)

Original Publisher

Bell Syndicate

Created by

June Tarpe Mills


Charles Villon, nicknamed "Whiffy," was a ruthless gangster with a penchant for dressing in full drag. Whiffy also wore way too much perfume, a fact graphically indicated by wavy stink lines that emanated from his massive body.

Whiffy's prim, sour mannerisms give him the air of a stereotypical gay villain, and he was revealed to be a convincing cross-dresser who used his extensive wardrobe to pull a con (he was a smuggler of stolen European art). However, even this hoary trope gained some nuance when it was further explained that Whiffy had been a member of the French Resistance during the war, and that disguising himself as a woman had enabled him to escape the Nazis, who had had more than one reason to hunt him.

He was a foe of Miss Fury.


Surprisingly, the American public at the time didn't seem to have a problem with a cross-dressing and (probably) gay character. They seemed to care more about the "skimpy" outfits Miss Fury and her female supporting cast wore.

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