White Death

Real Name

Erin Kalla

First Appearance

Lightbringer #15 (2010)

Original Publisher

Steel Dragon Comics

Created by

Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug


Once a revered stage actress in Pharos City, Erin Kalla set to put on her most ambitious performance in a play she wrote called "Fade to White". However, she rebuffed the romantic advences of one of the criminal gang called the Slavers. The man's revenge on Erin failed when a stagehand sacrificed her life to save the actress, but this incident did cause the woman to go into seclusion. Eventually, though, Pharos City announced a revival of "Fade to White", causing Erin to resurface as the White Death, feeling that since the last performance ended in tragedy, so would this one. She infiltrated the production and almost killed the master of ceremonies before being talked down by Osprey.

Powers and Abilities

Has a collapsible scythe she can use to fly and deflect energy blasts.

Public Domain Appearance

  • Lightbringer #15


On September 30th, 2013, Linkara posted that he was releasing the Lightbringer comic into the public domain.

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