White Indian
White indian

Real Name

Dan Brand

First Appearance

Durango Kid #1 (1949)

Original Publisher

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Frank Frazetta


Dan Brand was the colonial ancestor of the Durango Kid. On his wedding day to Lucy Wharton, Lucy's ex-boyfriend, Peter Bradford, tried to shoot Brand. The bullet missed him and killed Lucy instead. After her funeral, Dan headed from Philadelphia to the West (which at the time was still considered to be east of the Mississippi). During his hunt for Bradford, Dan was attacked by a bear which he managed to kill armed only with a knife, but he was wounded. Luckily, the chief of the Catawbas, Great Eagle, and Tipi, his young son, found Dan and healed his wounds. After he recovered, they invited him to stay with their tribe which he did for a year, but his old rival, Peter Bradford, decided to rear his head. Bradford was now selling rum and weapons to the Catawbas' rival tribes. Bradford killed Great Eagle and then fought Dan, now known as the White Indian, in a fistfight. During the course of the battle Peter Bradford plummeted off a cliff and to his death. After that White Indian and Tippi became a team and fought outlaws and British soldiers in the western frontier.  Brand eventually became friends with George Washington and sometimes aided him during the American Revolution.

Public Domain Appearances

  • White Indian #11-15
  • A-1 Comics #94, 101, 104, 117, 135
  • Durango Kid #1-30

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