White Killer
White killer

Real Name

Mr. Fredericks

First Appearance

Wonderworld Comics #33 (January, 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Farrow and Louis Cazeneuve

Golden Age Origin

Mr. Fredericks, manager of the Blue Socks baseball team, was secretly murdering factory workers using poison gas. However, one of his best players found out about the murderous secret of their manager, so the White Killer disposed of him. The clues left by the deceased player help super hero U.S. Jones in finding the killer before he could strike again.

Fredericks Unmasked

Powers and Abilities

The White Killer was equipped with a dagger and vials of poisonous gas. He also wore a domed helmet like an astronaut or deep sea diver that was used to protect him from his poisonous gases. He had no powers but was a skilled chemist and climber.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Wonderworld Comics #33


  • The White Killer was also called the White Terror on the cover of Wonderworld Comics #33.

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