White Panther

Real Name


First Appearance

Jungle Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Taylor Martin


In a ruined city, hidden deep in the jungle of an unnamed continent, the White Panther and his father are the last survivors of an ancient tribe. His father instructs White Panther to use his ability to see the future as a means to "destroy all evil, that only the good can survive."

His first task, assigned to him by his father, is to accompany Dr. White and his daughter, who have come to the jungle in search of rare healing stones. The doctor's life is in constant danger, and it is up to White Panther to "guide him from all evil". Evils which include a tribe of cannibals, and Professor Zaroff, who wants the rare stones for himself, and is more than willing to kill for them!

White Panther's ghostly, chalk-like appearance and wing-details on his cowl and boots, earned him the additional moniker "The Winged Phantom".

Powers and Abilities

The White Panther's powers include clairvoyance (an ability possessed by his ancestor), and enhanced speed making him "swifter than any man on Earth." He also carries a dagger in his belt.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Jungle Comics #1


  • Many sites claim he became the Red Panther however, their origins and powers are different.

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