White Rook

Real Name

Enfield Bray

First Appearance

Detective Story Magazine (October 1, 1918)

Original Publisher

Street & Smith

Created by

Hugh MacNair Kahler


The Rook was actually a wealthy safe-maker, who knew very well how to crack a safe, and decided to become a thief for the thrills. At the scene of each crime, he left an ivory rook playing piece. He never sold what he stole, but merely put it in his own safe as a trophy.

Eventually, his identity was discovered by a black mailer, who held onto a signed confession of his crimes, and forced the Rook to comit more serious crimes. This confession passed hands several times and forced the Rook to lay low in retirement for a while.

The Rook returned to crime after he was hired by his friend, an NYPD detective named Raybolt, to find the Rook. At that time, Bray hired a new secretary named Leila Craig who was a reformed thief. Leila swindled him, but later returned, having gained possession of the signed confession that hung over the Rook's head. She fell in love with Bray and married him.

The White Rook was also hunted by a powerful crime syndicate called the Committee of Thirty-Three, but they were eventually brought to justice by Raybolt. [by Hugh MacNair Kahler in Detective Story Magazine 1 October 1918]

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