Public Domain Super Heroes
White Streak

Real Name


First Appearance

Target Comics vol. 1 #1 (February 1940)

Original Publisher

Novelty Press

Created by

Carlos Burgos


Manowar the White Streak was an android created centuries ago by an advanced, extinct South American civilization called Utopia to help mankind during times of war. He was deactivated when the civilization succumbed to internal strife, but he was awakened from his slumber in an American museum during an attack by German bombers. He destroyed the planes and decided to fight for America against the Axis. After a few solo adventures, he went to work for the FBI, where his face was altered via plastic surgery to look more human. He received the civilian identity of "Dan Sanders" during an undercover mission, but contrary to what most online sources say, he never adopted it full-time.

For a time, the White Streak operated as an ordinary FBI agent, wearing a three-piece suit and became more judicious with using his powers. Being recruited by Uncle Sam didn't really change much. But when he was presumed dead after a warehouse pier was sabotaged, the White Streak returned to costumed heroism. He donned his old costume and a green mask similar to his original face and started to use his powers more openly once again. Nobody except for his former boss was aware that he was still alive. He teamed up with Red Seal shortly thereafter. The two heroes operated as a duo for the remainder of their appearances.

Powers and Abilities

White Streak's super powers include super strength, limited invulnerability, flight, and knife-like electric eye beams. He could also use those beams to attract objects, write messages on walls for the police, look through walls with x-ray vision and to cover himself in electrons which could protect him from poison gas. In later adventures, he gains an ability to create electric beams with his hands.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Target Comics vol. 1 #1-12
    • vol. 2 #1-10

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