The Whiz Kid

Real Name

Pinky Butler

First Appearance

Wow Comics #4 (1941)

Original Publisher

Fawcett Publications

Created by

France Herron & Jack Kirby


Pinky's father died when he was very young.  However, his mother took good care of him and used to read him stories of heroes battling monsters.  Pinky was inspired to fight monsters himself one day.  After Mr. Hyde killed his mother, he was sent away to an orphanage run by Dr. Jelke, who was secretly Mr. Hyde.  Pinky did some investigating and decided to confront the villain.  He created a costume similar to that of his hero, Mr. Scarlet, who he soon met.  After defeating Hyde, Mr. Scarlet decided to adopt the boy as his ward, and make him his crime fighting sidekick. Besides Miss Wade, Mr. Scarlet's secretary, Pinky is the only one who knows his mentor's secret identity.

Powers and Abilities

Pinky had no superhuman abilities, but he was an excellent fighter, a good acrobat and a smart detective. He sometimes used gadgets in his fight against crime.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Wow Comics #4-35
  • America's Greatest Comics #2,4, 6-7
  • Mr. Scarlet and Pinky [Mighty Midget Comic] #12

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