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William Tell
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William Tell

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Wilhelm Tell by Ernst Stückelberg (1880)

William Tell (in the four languages of Switzerland: German: Wilhelm Tell; French: Guillaume Tell; Italian: Guglielmo Tell; Romansh: Guglielm Tell) is a folk hero of Switzerland.

His legend is recorded in a late 15th-century Swiss chronicle.It is set in the period of the original foundation of the Old Swiss Confederacy in the early 14th century. According to the legend, Tell—an expert marksman with the crossbow—assassinated Gessler, a tyrannical reeve of Habsburg Austria positioned in Altdorf, Uri.

Along with Arnold Winkelried, Tell is a central figure in Swiss patriotism as it was constructed during the Restoration of the Confederacy after the Napoleonic era.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

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Public Domain Movie Appearances

  • Adventures of William Tell, dir. Georges Méliès, Star Film Co., 1898.
  • Guillaume Tell, dir. Lucien Nonguet, prod. Pathé brothers, 1903.

Public Domain Television Appearances

  • The Adventures of William Tell (1958 - 5 episodes)

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Jumbo Comics #37
  • Kid Eternity #1
  • Real Life Comics #15
  • Cyclone Comics #5

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