Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name


First Appearance

Airboy Comics #31 (Sept. 1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby


Wing-Ding was the smart, resourceful, brave, and ever put-upon secretary of American flier-for-hire Link Thorne in Singapore just after World War II.

Other than its owner, Link “The Flying Fool” Thorne, Wing-Ding is the only employee of Blockbuster Air Service, which often can only stay in business because of her efforts.

While able to easily find better employ, Wing-Ding stays at Blockbuster because of her unrequited love for Link. This secret love, and the trouble Link is always getting himself into is the reason that Wing is one of the few secretaries who considers a .45 automatic an essential piece of office equipment.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Airboy Comics #31, 34, 36, 40-41, 45-46, 50-51, 53, 56-57

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