Real Name

Blane Whitney

First Appearance

Top-Notch Comics #1 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Will Harr and Edd Ashe Jr.


The Wizard in his superhero costume.


Blane Whitney came from a long line of Americans who served their country in some capacity or another since the Revolution, including a number of first born males who took the name Wizard. He donned a tuxedo, a mask and a cape to become superhero known as the Wizard. He had many gadgets such as a "Dynamagno-Saw Ray Projector," an "H2-VX-O Ray," and "Secret Formula F22X."

The Wizard had numerous vehicles to traverse long distances in a short span of time. Among these were a Wizard Car, submarines called by the name of Mystery Sub, a Strato-Amphibian Plane, an Airochute, a rocket-powered Neutroplane, and a Rocket-Propelled Sled.

Later, he invented a body-hugging bullet-proof costume. To maintain plausible deniability, he passed himself off as an idle playboy who survived off his family's fortune and got by on its reputation. His girlfriend, Jane Barlowe, has little patience with his act, but she became enamored with his superhero identity after he rescued her from kidnappers in Top Notch Comics #3

In Top-Notch Comics #8, Blane Whitney acquired the Daily Citizen, an activist newspaper, after its original owner was killed by the minions of racketeer, Benny Schultz, and Blane hoped to carry on John's work. This issue also saw him getting a sidekick, Roy the Super-Boy.

His enemies included the Crone, Doctor Defeet, Master Mind, the Monster, the Mosconians, So-Guli, the Telepathist, and Torgo.

In Top-Notch Comics #25, Blane and Jane were married.

Powers and Abilities

The Wizard started training himself as a child to be a "Super-Brain". He succeeded and gained powers the following powers...

  • Super strength
  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance
  • Hypnosis
  • Photographic Memory 

Public Domain Appearances

  • Top-Notch Comics #1-27
  • Hangman Comics #2
  • Shield-Wizard Comics #1-13
  • Pep Comics #4-5
  • Special Comics #1
  • Miss Liberty #1


  • The Wizard and the Shield teamed up in a multi-part story line running through issues 5-7 of Top-Notch Comics and Pep Comics #4. During the course of the storyline, they also met up with Keith Kornell and Lee Sampson. This was the first crossover storyline in American comic books, narrowly beating out the more famous Sub-Mariner/Human Torch crossover in Marvel Mystery Comics #8-9.

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