X-5 Secret Agent
X-5 Secret Agent

Real Name


First Appearance

Hit Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Cory Weyt

Golden Age Origin

The man known as X-5 Secret Agent was a spy for a U.S. government agency during World War II. In his first appearance he is in the neutral country of San Miguel when he sees the enemy battleship the searaider "Wolf" refueling in the dock. Later in a bar he overhears a conversation from the Baroness Verber about sinking the American freighter the Arkian when it comes. After a confrontation with the baroness and her associate, he goes to warn the captain of the Arkian but arrives too late for the ship to leave the harbor completely and they are shelled by the enemy sea raider.

Taking in water and sinking, X-5 finds a cargo of chickle in the ship's hold and uses it to repair damage done by the combat. X-5 then hatches a plan to trap the wolf in the harbor by blocking the channel with the damaged Arkian and leaving it in life boats. Surprisingly the enemy ship stops firing on the Arkian's lifeboats and X-5 deduces it is because they have run out of ammunition. The wolf returns to the harbor to raid munitions from the docks but X-5 arrives first and when the men go inside to gather more shells he locks them inside long enough for the San Miguel forces to come and apprehend them.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Hit Comics #1-5,#7-17


  • In issue #5, his name was changed to G-5 Super Agent.
  • Only the original from the Golden Age is in the public domain, not any subsequent versions from DC Comics.
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