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The X-Ray Powerman
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Real Name

Radior Kennedy

First Appearance

Key Ring Comics #1 (1941)

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After his mother died, Radior's father, Dr. Kennedy, decided to raise his son in a remote mountain location where he could experiment on him, inundating him with radium.  Radior (that was his real name) developed tremendous powers as a result of his father's experiments.  When he grew up, he joined the army, but was soon sent to Washington, when the extent of his powers was discovered.  He rescued a girl named Arlene Louchran and it appeared that he was interested in developing a relationship with her at the end of his first adventure.

Powers and Abilities

Radior, the X-Ray Powerman, possessed superhuman strength, at least sufficient to lift 2000 lbs, and appeared to be invulnerable to harm. He could project powerful electrical rays. He also had x-ray vision and seemed to have some form of telepathy, allowing him to project images of distant events.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Key Ring Comics #1

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