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War Comics #1 (1940)

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X5328B was an android built by Sikandur, The Robot Master. Sikandur and his lady, the Countess Sylvia planned to use X5328B and a line of similar androids to conquer the world. X5328B's conunterparts were successful in taking over at least one European nation. However, when funds were running low, X5328B was sent to Fort Knox to steal gold. On his way, he apparently destroyed a train and ended up in a midwest town where three local citizens grew suspicious of him and learned that he was actually an android. His story was never completed.

Powers and Abilities

X5328B was apparently much more durable than a typical human, walking away from a train wreck as if nothing happened. It could be fitted with almost any kind of face, to disguise itself. It's arms and torso also radiated tremendous heat which could burn a human on contact, requiring it to wear an asbetos suit. X5328B possessed a reasonable level of intelligence, comprable to a human henchman, but it had an internal communications reciever so it could recieve direct strategic commands from Sikandur. It had cameras in its eyes, microphones for ears and an internal transmitter that allowed Sikandur to see and hear everything that X5328B did.

Public Domain Appearances

  • War Comics #1
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