Public Domain Super Heroes
King Xog of Saturn

Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Midnight #64 (June 1948)

Original Publisher


Created by

Len Frank


Xog was the King of the Saturnians who captured several Earth ships. Xog had learned English by studying intercepted transmissions from Earth and he lived in a cavern beneath the surface of Saturn.

Xog, like his people, was formed from the gas in the rings of Saturn, making them capable of dramatically changing their shape and evading attacks with superhuman agility. However, their regular form was quite substantial and they had the size and strength to handle heroes like Captain Midnight with ease. They stood around 10 feet tall and had two sharp claws at the end of each of their powerful limbs. Xog explained that he could summon a nearly unlimited number of warriors from the rings of Saturn, suggesting that they were also capable of flying through space. Unlike other members of his race, Xog purged gas from the top of his head, which appeared to have a halo-like ring around it.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Midnight #64-66