Public Domain Super Heroes
Yank & Doodle
Prize 21.jpg

Real Names

Rick Walters (Yank) & Dick Walters (Doodle)

First Appearance

Prize Comics #13 (Aug 1941)

Original Publisher

Prize Comics

Created by

Paul Norris


Rick and Dick Walters are the twin sons of Walt Walters. Shortly after they were born, a group of Hitler supporters took their family hostage. The situation quickly spiraled out of control and their mother was killed. The heartbroken Walt swore to raise his sons as exemplars of goodness and steadfast defenders of democratic values.

When the war broke out in Europe, Rick and Dick wanted to do their part for their own country. Unfortunately, the boys were only 16, too young to officially enlist, so they put on costumes to fight enemy spies in the U.S.

When their dad took up the mantle of the Black Owl from Doug Danville, they found themselves teaming up with Black Owl more often. At first, they had no idea that their father was behind the mask. They discovered each other's identities about a year later and became a full-fledged team.  However, when the second Black Owl was wounded and retired, the twins continued on their own again.

Their enemies included KroffFrankenstein, the Monocle, Funnibone, the Limping Man, Dr. Hugo, Von Goohn, and Trigger Sloan.

Powers and Abilities

Alone, they were practically powerless, but when the brothers were together, they (sometimes) gained a small measure of super strength and invulnerability.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Prize Comics #13-68

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