Public Domain Super Heroes
Yankee Doodle Jones

Real Name

Yankee Doodle Jones

First Appearance

Yankee Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler

Created by

Lou Fine


Yankee Doodle Jones was an American artificial man created by an unnamed scientist using body parts taken from three crippled American World War I veterans who volunteered to give up their lives for the sake of creating "an American champion." After the resulting being was brought to life, the scientist injected him with a "secret fluid" that gave him heightened strength and speed as well as near-invulnerability. The scientist's unnamed son watched it all from the sidelines. He marveled at the secret fluid's effects and wished that he, too, would get a shot of it.

Shortly afterward, a group of Nazi agents broke into the scientist's lab and mortally wounded him. The artificial man rushed to stop the assailant. The scientist's son was eager to help, so he injected himself with the secret fluid. The two managed to stop them, but it was too late for the scientist. With his last breath, he dubbed the artificial man "Yankee Doodle Jones" and his son Dandy and urged them to use their powers to defend their country.

The newly minted superhero duo proceeded to lounge around and do nothing until they were approached by Uncle Sam, who ordered them to investigate the mysterious deaths of his agents. The search lead them to two Nazi agents - the costumed Leader and the Hag, who used her voodoo-like powers to choke the agents from a distance. Yankee Doodle Jones and Dandy were able to stop the Nazi agents, killing them both in the process.

Yankee Doodle Jones and Dandy went on to fight Nazi agents for the rest of Yankee Comics's run. Dandy teamed up with Yankee Boy and Johnny Rebel, his fellow Yankee Comics characters, in a three-part text story published in the third issue of the series.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Yankee Comics #1-4
  • Bulls Eye Comics #11 (Reprint)
  • Dynamite Comics #8 (Reprint)
  • Hello Pal Comics #1

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