Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Vince Harley

First Appearance

Yellowjacket Comics #1 (September 1944)

Original Publisher

Frank Communale

Created by



Vince Harley is a crime fiction writer looking for information on the perfect crime plot because his stories have gotten stale. While at home, relaxing and tending to his bees, Harley is surprised by a woman who appears at his door exhausted and collapses. When he gets her to his couch she tells him that her name is Judy Graves and that she is being chased, before falling unconscious. While she is out cold Vince searches for clues about her and finds valuable jewels in her pocket book. Tired himself he falls asleep in a chair and awakens to gangster Jake Mallon asking him the whereabouts of the girl.

Feigning ignorance, he is roughed up by Mallon's thugs and knocked out. Mallon and his thugs decide to kill Vince by letting his bees sting him to death, they pour the bugs onto his body and leave. Judy comes out of hiding from a closet and watches amazed as the bugs do no harm to Vince but return to their apiary. It turns out "he is one of those rare people that bees don’t sting". Inspired by his ordeal Vince dons a costume similar to a yellow jacket and goes to confront Mallon and his men, sending Judy to the police. At the gangsters hideout Yellowjacket defeats the criminals and escapes as Judy brings the authorities to apprehend the mobsters.

He had a nephew, Yellowjacket Jr., though the two never met on-panel.

Powers and Abilities

Vince has the ability to control swarms of bees.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Jack in the Box Comics #11
  • T-N-T Comics #1
  • Yellowjacket Comics #1-10


  • Vince's costume and name must refer only to color because Yellowjackets are actually in the wasp classification.

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