Young Defenders
Young Defenders - Group.jpg
(Left to right) Lefty, Slim, Joanna, Beanie

Team Roster

Lefty, Slim, Joanna, Beanie

First Appearance

Speed Comics #14 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Arthur Cazeneuve


The Young Defenders were "Whitey" (later "Beanie"), "Lefty", "Slim" and Joanna, Captain Freedom's non-costumed juvenile sidekicks. They worked as paperboys for Daily Bulletin, a newspaper owned by Don Wright. The quartet never realized that he and Captain Freedom were one and the same. Like many kid sidekicks, they originally relied on their strength and cunning to get the job done, but over the course of Speed Comics run, they learned detective skills and ju-jitsu.

Joanna and Slim briefly dated during the course of Speed Comics #40. Unfortunately for the pair, the relationship didn't last thanks to Joanna's ongoing crush on Frank Sinatra - much as she may have liked Slim, she liked listening to "Frankie's" singing a whole lot more.

In Speed Comics #41, the Young Defenders persuaded Don Wright that the Daily Bulletin could use a kid section. He gave them an single page (titled "Cubs Copy") and left its contents entirely up to his proteges (spelling errors and all). Lefty handled sports, Beanie did a crime column, Joanna focused on teen-oriented gossip and they all worked together on a comic strip that starred Captain Freedom. In Speed Comics #44, Don Wright gave them their own printing press and expanded Cubs Copy into a slightly larger insert.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Speed Comics #14-44
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