Public Domain Super Heroes
Zanzibar the Magician
Zanzibar the magican.jpg

Real Name


First Appearance

Mystery Men Comics #1 (1939)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

George Tuska


Zanzibar is a stage magician and philosopher, taught magic by Indian Fakirs and uses his powers to fight crime. His super powers include telekinesis, mentally-powered super strength, and hypnosis/mind-control.

In his first appearance, he battled the villain known as the Top. He later met Zeus, Hercules, and Athena.

Powers and Abilities

Zanzibar dispayed a wide range of magical powers including:

  • teleportation
  • levitation of objects
  • shrank several people

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mystery Men Comics #1-31
  • Blue Beetle #5
  • Green Mask #2
  • Flame #5-6
  • Rex Dexter of Mars #1

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