Zero the Silent
Zero the silent111

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"A Human Fly" (Adventure, 1931)

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Zero the Silent, the human fly, was a masked pulp mystery man. He was a disgraced Scotland Yard detective who invented a highly advanced costume intending to become a cat burglar as vengeance but changed his mind after policemen were being killed by the Rattlers, a gang from Chicago terrorizing London.

The costume was skin-tight black rubber with "suction discs" on the hands and knees, allowing him to crawl along walls and ceilings. Attached to his wrist on an elastic cord was a rubber "throwing ball" with a lead core; Zero bowled googlies at his opponents, with the elastic bringing the ball back to him.


  • His masked crimefighting outfit predated that of the Phantom and Batman.
  • It is possible that the author intended his mask to cover his entire face but soon changed it to a cowl to fit the illustrations.
  • He had a fox terrier named Mickey who did not sit on the sidelines.

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