King Zikor

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Patrol #1 (Summer 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Phillip Evans, Paul Newman, and Bernard Krigstein


Informed by Major Robbie Robertson of slave raids on the planetoid Mimas, Space Patrol Commander-in-Chief Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy go in search of the slavers.

Corry and his cadet land on Mimas to speak with the planetoid's governor, Lara. Lara informs the lawmen that the raiders took 50 additional prisoners, including Lara's daughter Dextra. The patrol spaceship comes across the raiders' ship and follows it to Pluto. The raiders release a "space gas", rending Buzz and Hap unconscious.

The Plutonian raider lands and displays their captives to King Zikor. The King takes a liking to Dextra, who spurns his advances. He orders her placed into a solitary cell, intending to break her spirit.

Buzz awakens in time to save the ship from disaster. The Space Patrollers leave their ship and land with their spacesuits, propelled by "magnetic force control handbeams". Happy signals Major Robertson to bring Space Patrol shock troops. After landing, Corry and Hap leave their suits hidden on the surface.

Encountering Zikor's guards, Buzz orders Happy to leave the fight as he takes on all comers. Corry is captured and taken to Zikor, where he demands the king release all prisoners who are citizens of the United Planets. Instead, King Zikor demands Commander Corry reveal Space Patrol secrets, threatening to have his guards torture Dextra. Buzz fights off the overwhelming odds. Hap shows up with shock troops to assist. King Zikor and his minions are summarily rounded-up, and Cadet Happy receives an appreciative kiss from Dextra.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Patrol #2
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