Prince Zingle of Mo

Real Name

Zingle of Mo

First Appearance

A New Wonderland, Being the First Account Ever Printed of the Beautiful Valley, and the Wonderful Adventures of Its Inhabitants (1899)

Original Publisher

Robert Howard Russell

Created by

L. Frank Baum


Prince Zingle is the oldest son of the King and Queen of Mo.

Since no one dies in the Valley of Mo, Prince Zingle will never be king. However, he once tried to take over the kingdom by pushing his father down a deep hole. He was punished by being banished to the Fruit Cake Island in the Rootbeer River where he ate so much fruitcake that he became sick and repented of his crime.

One day, Prince Zingle was carried away by one of his kites, and found himself in a land of civilized monkeys. He could not understand their speech, nor could the well-dressed creatures understand him, so the monkeys captured him and locked him in a cage at the zoo. He was a source of great interest there for several weeks, but the monkeys did not know how to care for him, and Zingle suffered from hunger. Eventually he lost enough weight to allow him to squeeze between the bars of his cage. He escaped and rode his kite back home to the Land of Mo.

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