Real Name

"Tech" Carson

First Appearance

Zip Jets #1 (1953)

Original Publisher

St. John Publications

Created by



"Tech" Carson, an inventor and adventurer, created a "three-cartridge rocket pack." He then also created one for his assistant, Pat Dale. Together, they fought villains as the Zip-Jet and his sidekick. They have no powers but could fly with the jetpack.

Neither "Tech" nor Pat concealed their identities, the public (including the villains they faced) knew their real names.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Zip-Jet #1-2


  • When reprinted by St. John Publications, Rocket Man was renamed as Zip-Jet and Rocketgirl was never given a code-name other than being referred to as the "Zip-Jet Doll" by some thugs. Their costumes were colored differently and their names were changed to "Tech" Carson and Pat Dale.
  • Many online resources refer to the two as a duo called "the Zip-Jets" however, they were never referred to as such in either of their two appearances. They were also never engaged, Pat was merely "Tech's" assistant with no romantic history between the two.

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