Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Don Diego Vega

First Appearance

All-Story Weekly (1919)

Original Publisher

Frank Munsey

Created by

Johnston McCulley


Don Diego Vega was a wealthy nobleman who lived in Reina de Los Angeles in the early 19th century. Hoping to help the poor and oppressed, he became the masked outlaw known as Zorro.

He battled local authorities, including Governor Alvarado, Captain Juan Ramon and Sgt. Pedro Gonzales. Zorro later tracked down the marauding pirate, Barbados, and in 1824, he was enlisted to stop Don Del Oro from becoming an emperor in Mexico.

Zorro made an effort to publicly humiliate his opponents, often leaving his mark upon their face. His mark was a "Z" carved with the three quick strokes of his sword. Zorro was athletic, cunning and a master swordsman. In his first adventure, he carried a pistol and used a whip to beat those who had whipped the innocent. In his civilan identity, Don Diego pretended to be a weak and self centered fop.

Zorro was assisted by Bernardo, his deaf and mute servant, his father Don Alejandro Vega, Fray (Friar) Felipe, and his best friend Don Audre Ruiz. He loved an impoverished noblewoman named Lolita Pulido, who regarded Don Diego with contempt, but admired the bravery of Zorro. She later learned that the two were one in the same, and accepted his proposal of marriage.

Don Diego's son, Don Cesar Vega, later took up his father's mantle. His great grandson, James Vega did the same in 1937. Zorro also inspired the heroes known as The Eagle (Don Loring) and The Black Whip (Barbara Meredith), among others.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • The Curse of Capistrano Parts I - V (All-Story Weekly, 1919)
  • The Further Adventures of Zorro Parts I - VI (Argosy, 1922)

Public Domain Film Appearances

  • The Mark of Zorro (1920)
  • Don Q, Son of Zorro (1925)
  • Zorro Rides Again (1937)
  • Zorro's Fighting Legion (1939 - 12 episodes)

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Hit Comics #55

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