Real Name


First Appearance

Airboy Comics vol. 6 #12 (January 1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ernest Schroeder


Zzed was an immortal who had been present at all the greatest human tragedies in history for the last 2000 years. It seems that he could not die until the world came to an end, and he hoped to hasten the process.

Eventually, in the 20th century, he mastered technology that allowed him to control the "star brain" or the collected energies of all the brains of the world over the ages. With this power, he gained all knowledge, and the ability to control, at least to a limited degree, the minds of all people on Earth. From a secluded mansion in Swampheart, Georgia, he used this power to initiate violent riots all over the world. However, the machine he used to control the star brain was smashed during a confrontation with Airboy.

Even without the power of the star brain, Zzed had accumulated great knowledge in his centuries of life, and he frequently spoke ancient incantations of some unknown language. Although he could be killed temporarily, he seemed to have rapid regenerative abilities that would bring him back to life.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Airboy Comics vol. 6 #12
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